Selected Works

Macabenta F, Sun H-T*, Stathopoulos A. BMP-gated cell-cycle progression drives anoikis during mesenchymal collective migration. Developmental Cell. 2022: 57(14): P1683-1693. Epub 15 June, 2022.

* Undergraduate Researcher

Caltech Press Release: "The Signals That Make Cells Self-Destruct"

Featured Cover Image of Developmental Cell Volume 57, Issue 14.

Sun J, Macabenta F, Ákos Z, and Stathopoulos A. Collective Migrations of Drosophila Embryonic Trunk and Caudal Mesoderm-Derived Muscle Precursor Cells. Genetics. 2020 June 1; vol. 215 no. 2 297-322. Flybook chapter.

Macabenta F and Stathopoulos A. Sticking to a plan: adhesion and signaling control spatial organization of cells within migrating collectives. Curr Opin Genet Dev. 2019 August 09; 57(39-46). Review.

Bae YK, Macabenta F*, Curtis HL*, and Stathopoulos A. Comparative analysis of gene expression profiles for several migrating cell types identifies cell migration regulators. Mechanisms of Development. 2017 December; 148 (40-55).

* Denotes equal contribution

*Stepanik V, *Dunipace L, Bae Y-K, Macabenta F, Sun J, Trisnadi N, and Stathopoulos A. The migrations of Drosophila muscle founders and primordial germ cells are interdependent. Development. 2016 September 1; 143: 3206-3215

* Denotes equal contribution

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